True Love

{Via} Valentines Day… It’s one of those holidays that I have always simultaneously anticipated and a little bit dreaded. Throughout my many single years, it seemed to be sad reminder of my singleness. It felt as if the holiday was created to convince me that I needed to find that person who would make meContinue reading “True Love”

In Pursuit of Passion

Passion and determination.  These are traits I truly admire in others. Why? Because they are areas that I feel slightly lacking in my own life.  I strive to approach things in life with both passion and determination, however, more often than not my passion burns hot and fast and I’m on to the next taskContinue reading “In Pursuit of Passion”

Thoughts on Grace

This past weekend the world celebrated the annual spring awakening that the Easter holiday brings.  For many it was a joyous time to gather with friends and family, an excuse to indulge our sweet tooths, and a reason to break out our floral and pastel clothing. {Via} As with many things in life, in theContinue reading “Thoughts on Grace”

The Blessing of Babysitting

The last couple weekends, I have spent my rowdy evenings babysitting. While this would be a burden to many people, for me it’s an absolute blessing. You see, I’ve always loved babies and children. Through the years, as my family and friends thought (hoped) this fascination would fade, it’s remained constant. Just last weekend, asContinue reading “The Blessing of Babysitting”

Sweet Dreams

Much of my time is spent dreaming. And that’s not just because I love to stay snuggled under covers in a deep sleep; although that is fabulous as well. I mean the kinds of dreams that swirl around your mind in waking hours. The ones that expand to fill up any empty space that remainsContinue reading “Sweet Dreams”

Tell Me Something Lovely….

Somewhere along the way Andrew and I started this lovely little ritual. (Ok, let’s be honest, I started the ritual and Andrew begrudgingly participates). Every so often; or daily if he’s really lucky, I’ll simply say: “Tell me something lovely…” This is my way of trying to refocus our minds on the positive by lookingContinue reading “Tell Me Something Lovely….”