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Having a Crabby Day?

At some point last week we (Andrew) discovered something wonderful in the canal behind where we live…. Blue Crabs.

For those of you who haven’t spent much time in Maryland or surrounding areas, you may not fully understand what a glorious discovery this is.  Think of it this way – your favorite food, one that’s generally an expensive luxury, waiting for you just out your back door – for free.  So yes, it’s pretty great!

In Florida, since Blue Crabs are not as overly fished as in the Chesapeake Bay area, there aren’t too many restrictions on catching or enjoying your own.  As long as you have a Florida saltwater fishing license, each person can catch up to a five gallon bucket per day of crabs, with no minimums on size.

Andrew took some chicken that had gone bad and spent a few days out by the canal luring in the crabs then scooping them up with a net once they got close to shore.  Our resident alligator enjoying closely watching this activity.  And though there are no size restrictions, we decided to only keep the medium and larger sized crabs we caught – both better for the crab population and better for eating.

After a few days, we had acquired enough crabs to make a pretty good size feast.

Then we were faced with the tough task of having to live steam our own dinner… poor guys.

We stuck them in the biggest pot we had with beer, vinegar, and Old Bay seasoning (of course) for about twenty minutes and…

Voila! Their beautiful blue morphed to a deep iridescent coral, and they were ready to crack open and enjoy!

That is if you can get past their still menacing glare.

I managed to, and enjoy them I most certainly did! With melted butter and more Old Bay.

And of course a Sunset!