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Why I Write Cards

Yesterday I was at the store buying a few last minute (or overdue) birthday cards for my father-in-law, brothers-in law, and best friend when the woman behind me in the checkout line commented, “What a nice girl you are.”



Sending hand-written cards and letters has largely become a lost art among my generation, and I am certainly no exception. Little did that kind woman in checkout know that this was probably the first batch of birthday cards I’d bought in months (ok maybe years).  But as I sat down to the seemingly tedious task of writing my own personal message in the cards, I realized that there is a great reason to write.  And, for me, that reason is really pretty selfish…

Of course the point of sending a card is to make someone else feel good on their special occasion, but I have to admit that I revel in the joy that writing cards brings me.  When I write a heartfelt card to a loved one, I’m instantly reminded of all the great qualities they possess and how lucky I am to have them in my life.  I’m reminded of the unique joy that particular person brings to the world.  As I’m trying to think of kind things to say, I’m instantly flooded with the fun, funny, sweet, and sentimental memories, big or small, of my times spent with this person. And sometimes on a lonely day, that’s just what you need.



So feeling down or a bit lonely? Pick up a pen, put it to paper and let your loving thoughts take flight. It doesn’t matter what you write – your letter recipient will be so grateful, and I’d be willing to bet you’ll feel a whole lot better too.

ps – I know I have been out of the world of writing for far too long, but planning a wedding, honeymoon, etc. can overtake one’s life just a bit. Here’s hoping my writing days will be more frequent!