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Sweet Dreams

Much of my time is spent dreaming. And that’s not just because I love to stay snuggled under covers in a deep sleep; although that is fabulous as well. I mean the kinds of dreams that swirl around your mind in waking hours. The ones that expand to fill up any empty space that remains throughout the day. Or in my case, dreams that overtake my mind, around which daily life must settle into place.


Most recently my dreams have revolved a great deal around houses – preferably ones without wheels. A place to call home.


A place with some space to let my legs and mind wander. A place with nooks and crannies to fill with my inevitable clutter. A place that’s all our own.

I dream of a kitchen to cook up divine masterpieces; or just sit and enjoy simple breakfasts.


I dream of an open sprawling yard for Bella to roam and run.


I dream of a porch to enjoy a cup of coffee, a good book, and maybe even a leisurely nap filled with sweet dreams.


But most of all I dream of the fella I get to share all these dreams with.


What are you sweet dreaming of these days? Let your dreams shine bright under tonight’s big full moon!

(all images via the always inspiring Pinterest)


A Blustery Winter Day

Today was the first “wintery” day we’ve experienced in Florida, which unfortunately happened to coincide with our planned trip to the dog beach. While we’re not experiencing quite the frigid temperatures that the rest of the country is suffering through, it was cool and windy enough to make a day at the beach none to fun. So we were forced to come up with an alternative plan.

What to do when you live in a trailer and it’s not ideal weather for your favorite outdoor activities?

Well I took my new favorite toy out for a test run.


We went to some of the wildlife “hotspots” on the Preserve to try to get some good shots (hoping to post some tomorrow!). And while I wasn’t able to capture a picture of them, we did briefly catch a glimpse of our first manatees in the wild!

Bella enjoyed the sunset from her personal window perch.


And Andrew and I played a rousing game of Bananagrams (thanks to my sister for this fab gift!).


If you’ve never played, it’s a fun crossword game – think Scrabble with less rules and more fun. Of course I won – and not just because “jeb” is not a word.

Home Sweet Home

We are happy campers!  Why?  Because at 24 (26 for Andrew) we own our own home debt free – and that’s kind of amazing.  Also because we live at a campground…

And yes, our home does indeed have wheels, which means “Home is Where You Park It.”  So currently home is parked at Greenbelt Park and Campground, which is amazingly beautiful, quiet and serene for being a stone’s throw from the Beltway and on the periphery of Washington, DC.  Just look at the view from our front yard!

We are fortunate enough to have one of the prime spots on the campground since we are volunteering as campground hosts until October 31, when new hosts take over our spot.  So what exactly does being a campground host entail?

Well in this case its a whole lot of this…

And this…

…and not a whole lot of anything else…  That’s because I’m pretty sure the National Park Service took pity on us (thank you!) and is basically allowing us to be pretend campground hosts – living with full hookups at no cost, but without any real responsibilities as hosts.  This is just because they had scheduled hosts cancel at the last-minute and had a short spot open before new hosts arrived.

But we are not alone – the real keepers of the campground are Richard and Kay, our hard-working co-hosts.  Richard and Kay are retired and have been “full-timers” for 12 years now, traveling all across the country from Big Bend to the Grand Tetons to Yellowstone. (“Full-timers” is a term used in the camping world to refer to those who camp as a lifestyle, rather than recreationally.)  They are kind enough to show us the ropes and share with us their knowledge and experiences.

While this semi-fake campground hosting experience is a nice way to ease into our new lives as full-timers, I certainly don’t expect other hosting gigs to be this easy.  But on the upside, it does leave us plenty of time for walks

and drinking tea

and play!


So we are definitely enjoying it – runs around the park, cooking delicious meats and veggies on the grill, breathing in the brisk fall air… But it’s already time to start thinking about our next move.  Ideas?